1-Port Keystone Faceplate
16 Port Keystone Patch Panel
2-Port Keystone Faceplate
3-Port Keystone Faceplate
4-Port Keystone Faceplate
48 Port Keystone Patch panel.
6-Port Keystone Faceplate
Cat 5E Keystone Jacks - Category 5e
CATV Tools
Data/Link ID and Cable-Check™ Patch Cable tester and connection identifier. 1576
Die Sets
Dual Coaxial with telephone wall plate
Dual Port Surface Mount Box for Keystone Jacks
IT1000 Replacement Blade Set
Keystone Blank Insert
Keystone F Connector Insert
Keystone Faceplates and Jacks
LAN ProNavigator Tester and Remote for UTP Patch cable and Installed Cable 1543
Modular Jack Wall-Mount Phone Wall Plate
Paladin 1822 Universal Cable Slitter
Paladin 2032 Die Set
Paladin 2039 Die Set RG8/11/213/216 N-Type Connectors
Paladin 2047 Die Set RG59/8281 75-ohm
Paladin 2051 Die Set RG174/NT735 and small coax
Paladin 2062 Die Set RJ11/12 Modular Plug
Paladin 2063 Die Set RJ22 Handset Modular Plug
Paladin 2064 Die Set RJ45 Modular Plug AMP
Paladin 2067 Die Set RJ11 DEC-MMJ (AMP) Modular Plugs
Paladin 2068 Die Set RJ50 VP modular plugs 10 Position
Paladin 2075 Die Set RG58/59/62AU Teflon/Plenum (AIM)
Paladin 2076 Die Set RG58/6 (AIM)
Paladin 8000 Series CrimpAll Frame
Paladin All-In-One Telephone Tool RJ45/RJ11/RJ12 Crimper 1545
Paladin AM25 Slitting Tool - 1820
Paladin AM35 Cable Slitter - 1821
Paladin CST Coaxial Vario Stripper - 3240
Paladin Economy UTP Cable Stripper - 1913
Paladin LAN & Telecom Cable Testing Kit - 1573
Paladin LAN Cable-Check Patch Cable Tester 1574
Paladin LC CST CATV "F" Coax Stripper for RG6 - RG59 F Connectors - 1257
Paladin LC CST-11 Coax Stripper for RG11 - 1256
Paladin LC CST-58/59 Coax Stripper for RG58 RG59 RG62 AU & RG6 LMR 195 LRM200 LMR240
Paladin LC CST-Mini Coaxial Cable Stripper for Mini Coax - 1258
Paladin Non-Impact Punchdown Tool with Fixed 110 or 66 Type Blade
Paladin Pocket Probe Pick - 1915
Paladin SealTite® Pro Adjustable Coax Compression Tool - 1555
Paladin SurePunch & Cut Kit - 3577
Paladin Tools
Paladin Tools Data SureStrip - 1116
PC Cable-Check™ Pro - 1577
Phone and Coax Wall Plates
Punchdown Tools
RJ11 6-Position Keystone Jack
Single Port Surface Mount Box for Keystone Jacks
SurePunch Pro PDT handle (no blade) includes light - 3590
SurePunch Pro PDT with 110 & 66 reversible cut & punch/punch only blades & light - 3587
SurePunch Pro PDT with 110 reversible cut & punch/punch-only blade & light - 3596
SurePunch Pro PDT with 110/66 combination cut-only blade & light - 3588
SurePunch Pro PDT with 110/66 combination cut-only blade NO light - 3591
SurePunch® PDT with 110/66 Cut Only Blade - 3571
Thomas & Betts SNS1P6 RG6 Compression F Connector
Thomas & Betts SNS1P6QS Quad Shield RG6 Compression F Connector
Thomas & Betts SNS59 RG59 Compression F Connector
Wall Plate with Dual F-81 for Coax
Wall Plate with Dual Phone Jacks
Wall Plate with F-81 for Coax
Wall Plate with Phone Jack
Wall Plate with Phone Jack and F-81 Coax Connector