Paladin 8000 Series CrimpAll Frame

Item# PAL-8000

Product Description

The new 8000 Series CrimpALL™ crimp tools have four important ergonomic features that improve user satisfaction and job comfort:
  1. An angled head prevents awkward wrist bending during operation.
  2. Reduced handle grip distance is comfortable for workers with both small & large hands.
  3. The higher crimp force is produced with a lower hand force so your hand doesn’t get tired so quickly.
  4. No breakover hand force, the effort required by most crimpers to make the last click at the end of the crimp, is required to complete the crimp.
Paladin standard die sets fit into the CrimpALL. Soft embedded-rubber handles make this crimp tool extremely comfortable to use. This tool is manufactured for a long life span using fine blanking technologies and a double-plated jaw assembly. A safety release is built-in. This world-class crimp tool is an exceptional value. See crimp chart for specific connector and crimp dimensions. CRIMP CHART
  • Ergonomic design
  • Comfortable rubber-embedded handles
  • Less hand force needed to crimp connectors
  • Long-lasting tool that delivers over 50,000 crimp cycles
  • Ultra-smooth, fully-ratcheting cycle with built-in safety release
  • Rugged, double-plated jaw assembly
  • EZI-Change® die screws make changing dies quick and easy and fixed die screws for tight spaces
  • Choose from complete tool with die set inserted or separate tool frame and individual die sets